We started out as a traditional credit card processing company. After all, that is all there was. Customers whom signed up with us 20 years ago are pretty spoiled (as are we!) as we've never raised our rates. Yes, you heard that right NEVER!

Today, we rarely sign anyone up on simple traditional credit card processing. Surcharge and Cash Discount are by far the most popular thing amongst Merchants as it is becoming more and more commonplace for merchants to pass along the costs of taking credit cards to the person that is receiving the perks. This way merchants can offer more competitive pricing to all customers and then let the customer decide how they will pay.

Our Guarantee

We have never raised our rates. There is no contract. Month to month.

In n Out Auto Sales

"Dan is the most responsive and detailed representative you will find!! This credit card processing company is the best."

Mad Statter

"Not only does this company provide competitive pricing they also have the patience to explain how their pricing works and they give you tips on how to make sure you get the best rate."