What is a cash discount program?

Cash Discount is a way for merchants to recoup the fees banks charge merchants for accepting credit cards and debit cards. The customer is offered a discounted price for paying with cash.  If using a card, the list price will be run at the terminal.

Are there any legal requirements?

The only requirement with this program is to show the customer the List Price alongside the Cash Discount price – our technology and terminal helps facilitate this, making it a completely seamless process.

Are people pretty accepting of seeing a Cash Discount?

100% yes.

Are the savings too good to be true?

We do our best to be as transparent as possible with the potential savings.

Do I have to pay for a new machine?

Most merchants that sign up for cash discount qualify for a brand new up-to-date credit card machine – on us!

Can my business do this?

Any business that accepts credit cards can be part of the cash discount program, whether you take cards via website, email, or machine.  We have Smart solutions just for you!

Bottom Line: Smart Merchants saves you money!