Merchants that deal with higher ticket items often have a need to provide on the spot finance options to their customer. Smart Merchants Consumer Finance is a way for businesses to offer payment plans to their clients without the risk and hassle of managing these payment plans. It helps customers receive the essential services they need without cost being a factor, all while businesses get paid the next day.

Our integrated, end to end customer experience takes as little as 3 minutes and can be completed at the point of sale. Merchants get paid the next day and can offer a pre-qual experience so they have confidence their client will be approved.

Smart Payment Solutions

Smart Merchants differentiates itself by focusing on fair rates, seamless customer experience, and customer-focused financial solutions. Over 129 million Americans grapple with ever-growing out-of-pocket expenses for essential services. We are lighting the way forward with clear and attainable financing solutions.

Pure StokeĀ®

"I am a huge fan of Smart Merchants. Every employee of this company that I have worked with has given Pure StokeĀ® tip-top customer care and support."

Mad Statter

"Not only does this company provide competitive pricing they also have the patience to explain how their pricing works and they give you tips on how to make sure you get the best rate."