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We are founded around the idea that hard working merchants should keep more of their hard earned revenue.


Nothing tricky here. No deceptive Flat Rate pricing.  No First Tiered, Second tiered, Third Tiered, …. Sixth Tiered pricing. No Qualified or Non Qualified, no bill backs, no surcharges, no termination fees. No Nonsense. Just plain Cost Plus pricing, the only transparent way to price.


Completely transparent, no sales spin, no deceptive practices, no leases, no rates that sneak up, no PR smoke and mirrors. Just great service at fair rates and 5% to the Non Profit of your choice.

SMART Partnership

We wanted to start a club where merchants could find better providers for the services they need. We wanted to create an environment where a merchant could breathe a sigh of relief knowing they are truly cared for and treated fairly.

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