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You can also feel free to email us directly 24/7 at support@smartmerchantsclub.com

You need help when you need it.  After all,  isn’t credit card processing a 24/7 occurrence?  You don’t want to tell your story twice over, let alone three or four times.  You want your issue followed through to the end and you don’t want to have to start all over again, days later, explaining it to a new person.  You can breathe a sigh of relief because that will never happen with us and you’ll feel cared about.

We’ve built our success on a deep understanding of our industry, gateways, point of sale, ecommerce, ERP, Omni Channel, and other payment related technologies.  Call us for anything on or around payments.  I’m sure we can help point you in the right direction. We base our customer service and tech support on the kind of support we want for ourselves. We want our customers to feel like they matter.

Don’t Hesitate, We’re Always Ready To Help!

Unlike other processors, we don’t make it a hassle to reach us right away. Get in touch and someone will get right back to you.

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

I have to enter a password into my Vx520 every time I run a transaction. It says my keyboard is locked?

From the main screen push the number 8. This will bring up a menu to unlock your keyboard. You will need to know your password to unlock your keyboard. If you can’t find your password, just give us a call.

We are looking for a new POS system.

We are glad you mentioned it.  Don’t invest thousands into a new software or POS, without talking to us first.  We know virtually all POS and software products and if we are not familiar with one you are looking at we will help you do the research.  We’ve made it a priority to become experts.  We can give you feed back from hundreds of clients using different point of sale systems and their pros and cons.  We can give you a perspective from the payment side, the cost of upgrades and devices, and how well those POS purchases have worked out for others.  We have seen countless merchants invest in a new system only to find out the sales representative left out important information and disclosures and now they are stuck with something that doesn’t really work for them.

We accidentally over-charged a customer and need to refund their card but no longer have the full card number?

No problem. Let us know the last 4 digits of the card, the date of the transaction, the amount, and the approval code if you have it. We’ll call you back in minutes and provide the card number while we stay on the line with you to run that refund.

My VX520 Terminal says "Comm-Server" and "Softpay" and I don't know how to get back to my payment screen.

Press SoftPay to take your terminal out of the idle mode.  When not in use, a terminal will go into an idle mode so that if left unsupervised, an unauthorized person cannot run a transaction.

I don't see my batch deposited into my bank account yet.

Don’t worry. In twenty years we’ve never seen a lost deposit. There is always an explanation. Did your closing employee remember to send the batch? If you are on auto close did you check to see if your power or internet went out? Did you have a refund larger than your batch? Is it a banking holiday? The above are the most common reasons for a deposit that appears to be late. Shoot us a text message, email, or phone call to let us know and we’ll respond back asap letting you know the deposit and the trace number so you can verify with your bank that your deposit is indeed on its way.

My statement reads qualified, mid-qualified, and non qualified. How do I know if my transactions are qualifying or not?

Great question! if you have these terms on your statement you are being charged tiered pricing, which is never a good deal. They always fail to mention that the majority of your transactions don’t qualify.  Upload your statement and give us a call.  We will show you what a fair statement looks like.

My terminal stopped working and says "Comm Error."

It is not uncommon for a terminal to lose its connection to the internet or for your internet to go down. Here is Tim’s order of operations for internet processing troubleshooting.

1. If you have a computer on the same network, attempt to access the internet. Make sure to go to a page that is not the home page to ensure connection.

a. If the Internet on your computer is also down reset your router. If this does not fix the problem contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

b. If the internet on the computer is working, unplug the ethernet cord and the power cord from your terminal. Wait 30 seconds and then plug your ethernet cord in first, followed by the power cord. This will connect you back to your network 99% of the time.

What is my rate?

We can definitely help show you where your “rate” is on your statement. However, many merchants are so focused on their credit card processors “rate” that they overlook hidden fees and inflated cost in other areas.  Additionally, most merchants do not understand Interchange (from the Card Brands) and whether they are paying more than they need to.  We find it a great honor to be able to call a merchant and tell them we can save them money, helping to free up valuable resources to help them grow their business.