We give 5% of the profit on

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month, to the charity of your choice.

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A Smart way to give.  We enjoy helping those around us and want to spread the moto that businesses can make the world a better place.  As one of our credit card processing customers, we will make a donation in your name.  You pick one of our recommended and verified Non-Profits or nominate one of your own. * 

We believe businesses can make a positive difference.  If you know a business that is making a difference in the world, by being green, doing good things, making inspiring products, send them our way.  We will happily contribute by offering our services without mark up, to give them a boost.  **

Know a person who needs some help? We take nominations for work parties, such as helping an elderly person in the yard, building a home entrance ramp for a disabled person, etc. 

*see policies on giving

**see policies on mark up free terms

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