Who you're paying
  • The Issuer of the credit or debit card. This is called Interchange and is the largest amount you pay.
  • The Card Brands, like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 
  • The technology platforms.
  • The Pin Debit networks that process pin debit transactions. Interlink and Maestro are just two of those networks, with logos you'll recognize on ATM's.
  • Your Credit Card Processor, also known as your Merchant Services Provider.
  • Third Party providers like PCI compliance, virtual terminal, and gateways, such as, etc. 
Why you're paying
  • You are paying for a loan. Surprised? Deposits for your batches are a loan from the processor's sponsor bank.  
  • The secure technology that costs millions to build and maintain that sends you a response of approved or declined for every card that you swipe or key in.
  • The speed of the deposit to your bank account within 24-72 hours. 
  • Third Party technology, like Point of Sale systems and gateways, that make your payments easier to process and reconcile
  • The 24/7 customer service from your Credit Card Processor.

What you're paying

  • Bank Card Interchange - a complicated set of percentages and transaction fees, based upon card type, industry, and method of acceptance. 
  • Card Brand Fees which usually make up .22% to .28% and go to brands such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
  • Service fees, usually a percentage rate and transaction fee to your Merchant Services Provider also known as your Credit Card Processor, that should be available 24/7.
  • Other Third Party fees may include Pin Debit Network fees for cards processed with a Pin number, PCI compliance fees, and Third Party fees, such as gateways. 

Our Pricing

Nothing tricky here.  No deceptive flat rate pricing, no tiered pricing, no qualified, mid qualified or non qualified, no bill backs, no surcharges and no hidden fees.  

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for Smart Merchants

What you should know about the three most common pricing patterns.


(also called Cost Plus)

The best type of pricing. Why? Very simply, it allows a merchant to see exactly how much their processor is making every month. It is completely transparent. There is no better type of pricing, no matter what spin a processor may use to persuade you. 

If you see words like Qualified, Mid Qualified, Non Qualified, or Surcharges on your statement, you don't have Interchange Plus and you should reach out to us for an immediate review. 

Already have interchange plus pricing?  Click here to learn how your processor could be wasting thousands of your dollars by not carefully monitoring your Interchange. 

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Tiered Pricing

Never a good deal for a merchant. A merchant on this type of pricing has a statement that blurs the line between what Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express charge and what goes to the Credit Card Processor. It is used to confuse merchants and inflate costs and add surcharges. You should be very wary of processors who sell this type of processing.

If you see any of the following on your statement, you are on Tiered Pricing.

  • Qualified
  • Mid Qualified
  • Non Qualified
  • Surcharges

You are throwing money away if this pricing seems familiar. Let us help you switch to Interchange-Plus.

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Flat Rate Pricing

Don't be afraid of detail. Truth is in detail. Flat Rate pricing is never a good deal for a merchant and potentially dangerous. Even though your processor may have sold you on the idea of a flat rate you can count on every month, you are leaving money on the table with this type of pricing. Don't believe them if they tell you that some months they may actually lose money. This is simply not true. A flat rate statement hides important information you need to know about your Interchange. Without it, you can never confirm your interchange is correct, potentially missing out on thousands in savings. You also cannot tell if your processor has set you up correctly, possibly exposing you to fines from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

If you see any of the following on your statement, you're not getting the best price:

  • Lack of detail
  • Flat percentage % rate

Let us help you switch to Interchange-Plus.

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Not enjoying interchange plus pricing?
You have Interchange Plus Pricing but your Interchange looks really high?
Let's get that fixed!

Your credit card processing statement contains many fees and it should be no surprise that merchants struggle to understand all of the contents. It's easy to find what you should be paying.  Let us help you break it down.
Simply submit your statement and we will get back to you within 24 hours to explain our analysis and offer you a better option.

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Reading Your Statement

Even the most knowledgeable merchants struggle with understanding the complex set of fees, interchange, assessments, compliance costs, etc., that appear on a typical credit card statement. With a little assistance from our qualified staff, we can help you learn what is a good statement versus a bad, what is fair and what is not. If your statement looks good, we'll let you know that too. This will help you to protect yourself against unscrupulous solicitations which we see happen all too often.  Frequently merchants say "I'm happy with my rates."   They don't feel the same way after we've taught them how to fully understand their statement.

Don't have time to review your statement? Upload it here and we will tell you what we find.

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 Our Merchants know we care about them!

"We are a large volume nursery and our checkout process was being hampered by our sluggish POS, which did not integrate fully with Quickbooks even though the previous processor promised it would. It was clumsy, slow, and subjected us to potential security issues. We also thought we had good rates, until SMART MERCHANTS pointed out how much we were being overcharged. The savings they promised turned out true and their system has made transactions flow smoothly at our 10 checkout stations. We are very happy"!- Rhea, Nursery

"They do what they promise. Tim and Kathy wanted to be safe and not over promise so they felt comfortable predicting a monthly savings of $800.00 However, with their training and reduced rates, we actually hit $1400.00 in monthly savings! This makes a nice impact to our bottom line. Their service is the best we have ever had. We were previously with Heartland and before that our bank. We know we can count on them so much more".- Julie, Fly Fishing Lodging, Guide Svc and Retail Shop

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