Om·ni Chan·nel


adjective: omni-channel

denoting or relating to a type of retail that integrates the different methods of shopping available to consumers (e.g., online, in a physical store, by phone, or mobile).

Your Retail Location

Accept transactions at your retail store with our EMV terminals.  Enjoy fast transaction times, instant reporting, and 24/7 support.  Accept returns anywhere.  It is easy to be focused on your customers with our Omni Channel products.

Your website

Easily integrate your E-commerce site into your day to day business to eliminate tedious inventory maneuvers and to centralize all of your reporting in one spot.  Process using our customizable hosted payment page that installs in a flash, or take our simple API and add your own integration.

Any Computer

Imagine being able to see all of your transactions on your website, tradeshows, deliveries, and your brick and mortar store all reporting to one office. That one office is anywhere you need to be. Access it through your phone, tablet, or computer with dual factor authentication.  Run transactions, store customers, set up recurring billing, access robust reporting, and more.

Mobile and Connected

Swipe transactions anywhere with a mobile swiper connected to any phone, tablet, or device with an internal printer.  See those transactions in real time in your centralized portal.

Call Center

Our P2PE, tokenzied virtual terminal allows your call center staff to accept credit card data via a PAN device, bypassing computer keyboards and almost completely removing you from PCI scope.  Recurring billing, centralized transactions and returns, and remote card acceptance in your retail store and off site, make our Omni Channel solution the only solution you need.


Multiple options for your eCommerce transactions. Add our easy hosted payment page with customizable template that blends with your website or use our simple API to integrate our gateway. See transactions in real time, track and accept refunds in any of your environments, and reconcile all in one centralized portal.

Hosted Payment Page

Add a “Pay Now” button to your online store and simply, safely, and seamlessly accept payments.  There is no need for an expensive developer or IT person. Set up is fast and easy. We can help you do it in a matter of minutes.


Often the core of your organization, your retail stores need fast reliable EMV Chip card processing for both credit and debit. With NFC, Apple Pay and other functions, such as EBT and HSA/FSA, you are ready to keep your line moving and your customers happy.


Mobile options for your off site, delivery, event, line busting and other non traditional payment acceptance points. Cost efficient devices take your payments anywhere you need to be and communicate your activity in real time. Never miss a sale again or face difficult reconciliation from multiple sources. Wifi and 3G devices can text, email or print receipts.