MobileBytes POS for iPad

MobileBytes is a revolutionary cloud based POS system for restaurants that uses iPads as the front of the house, while anything can be used as the back end. Log into your back end from your laptop, smartphone, iPad, or anywhere with an internet connection. You can easily make changes to the menu, look at reporting or employees.

Fill in your email address to request more information, and/or schedule a demo. We are happy to show you how it works! All you need is a computer and an hour of your time.

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Tableside Ordering

With MobileBytes, your servers can take orders at the table and send them directly to the kitchen using an iPad/iPad Mini. With a feature rich order screen, your servers can do everything all while providing guests with excellent customer service!

Your servers can even capture electronic signatures and tip amounts by processing transactions directly at the table. This allows you to turn over tables faster, increase customer satisfaction with better service, and will also decrease your paper costs.

Manage your restaurant anytime, anywhere, with any device!

With Cloud Management you can say goodbye to those legacy back office computers. You will have access to your data anytime, anywhere, with MobileBytes’ easy-to-use, cloud based, mobile responsive website. Using your computer, tablet device, or smartphone, you can access deep insight into your restaurant’s financial and operational performance.

Keep track of your daily sales and operations with your smartphone, even when you are away from your restaurant!

A New Kitchen Display

Increase your kitchen’s efficiency and productivity with MobileBytes KDS. Orders are automatically sent to terminals in the kitchen from your servers with no paper trails and no wait times, minimizing confusion. The KDS immediately updates any changes, increasing the speed of service. There is a variety of settings to choose from which lets you find the one that best fits your needs.

  • Quick configuration view allows you to view 1 or 2 rows, change font sizes, and much more.
  • Color-formatted time alerts
  • Orders shown split up by course and/or seat
  • Swipe to recall and restore orders
  • Voided orders are clear and concise
  • No paper necessary

Advanced Check Splitting

Take splitting checks to a whole new level with MobileBytes. Servers can split checks evenly up to nine times or split by seat, with a single touch. Menu items can be moved between splits, and the split checks can easily be collapsed back to a single check with only a few touches. Guests can choose to pay with any combination of cash, credit cards, and gift cards.

  • Split by seat
  • Even splits
  • Uneven splits
  • Unlimited tenders per split
  • Easily undo splits

Guest Engagement App

  • Skip the Line
    Counter service guest can order from their phone in just 15 seconds. Guest who use the app will be alerted when they enter a participating restaurant, inviting them to skip the line by ordering from their phones. Create an order from scratch, or reorder a previous order with a few touches. The orders are instantly injected into the POS system and sent to the kitchen for preparation.
  • Scan to Pay
    Let your guests pay from their phones with a simple QR code printed on the receipt. When the QR code is scanned from inside the app, guests can quickly and securely pay their bill. The app allows one touch tipping and securely stores credit card information for future payments.
  • Scan for Points
    Let your guests be part of your loyalty program by simply scanning a QR code printed on the receipt to obtain their points.
  • Rewards
    Guest can keep track of their loyalty points from the app, and can turn their accumulated points into rewards as point goals are met.
  • Order Ahead
    Guests can place orders directly from the app, creating a faster and more intuitive in-app experience compared to ordering from a computer.
  • Order History
    Each receipt scanned by the guest into the app is permanently stored and available to view inside the app. Never forget what you ordered last time!
  • Proximity
    When customers with the app are nearby your restaurant, they will be automatically alerted and greeted through their smartphone.