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In today's world, faster is better. Move your customers through checkout quickly and increase transaction speed.

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Whether stand alone or Integrated to POS, our proven SMARTransact® gateway is used at merchant locations nationwide and is ready for use in your location or with your point of sale software integration.


Avoid outages with our duplicate servers in different geographical locations. Reliable service without downtime means you are always ready for sales.

Payment Types

EMV credit, pin debit, FSA/HSA, EBT, gift, check, level ll and lll, tip adjust, auto submit, NFC, Apple Pay.

PCI Certified P2PE

Card-present & card-not-present protection.  As an added level of security for keyed in transactions,  pair a PAN device to your computer and eliminate the keyboard strokes from keyed in transactions. Both devices encrypt and tokenize card data before it passes through your computer. 

Maximum PCI Scope Reduction

Reduce your annual SAQ to a simplified version or potentially eliminate it completely, with our highly secure, P2Pe and tokenized gateway. Adds breach protection by taking most merchants and their systems out of scope.  

Centralized Real Time

Easy-to-read reports make it simple to understand how and where consumers are looking at your business online. Track number of views, mobile vs. desktop traffic, and where people view your menus with our proprietary map view.

Already know which gateway you need? Need help deciding?

We are proud to work with all of the major gateways.  We can work with your existing gateway or set you up with a new one. 


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